January 2017

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“Be at war with your vices, at peace with your neighbors, and let every new year find you a better man” – Benjamin Franklin


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We all know a warm shower strips skin of oils one easy fix: Keep body lotion right in the shower. Seeing it will remind you to apply it when your skin is damp, within ten minutes of turning off the water.

Makeup can mix with skin oils and dirt to cause zits, cosmetics can also trap skin-damaging free radicals that float in the air (think: bus exhaust) against your skin.  Avoid the situation entirely by washing your face as soon as you get home!

Clean Up After the Gym

Switching from big gyms to studios that focus on yoga, barre or pilates, often they don’t have showers. As a result, you are not cleansing right away—and have the acne (and bacne) to show for it. Wear moisture-wicking clothes and pack salicylic acid wipes in your gym bag. Back home, hop into the shower as soon as possible.

Having a dermatologist survey your body once a year is crucial, even if you’re diligent about monthly self- exams.

Makeup and skin oils build up, creating a breeding ground for bacteria that can cause irritation. Wash your tools weekly with a liquid hand soap or baby shampoo and lukewarm water (hot water can cause bristles to fall out), reshape, and allow the brushes to dry thoroughly. ( if you can’t get to them weekly, spritz them with antibacterial.)

Keep Your Hands Off Your Face

Yes, it’s tempting to squeeze a pimple, but just the act of touching your face with your fingers brings pore-clogging oil and dirt to the skin. Get rid of magnifying mirrors! If you do give in, applying over-the-counter hydrocortisone cream right away can help calm inflammation and prevent long-lasting marks

Stick With the Program

Waiting for a new skin treatment to show results can be a test of patience. “A good anti-aging cream can take six weeks, so don’t give up!


Happy New Year 2017

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