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Easter Sunday April 1st

Easter is the only time to put all your eggs in one basket…



5 Smart Skin Habits for the Spring

1.Clean your cosmetics: When in doubt, toss it out. Be vigilant about swapping out products regularly (because they do have a shelf life) Also, throw your dingy makeup bag in the washer and clean all your brushes!

2.Swap your cleanser: As you bid farewell to cold weather, introduce stronger cleansers into your skin routine. Keep the three categories of cleansers in mind: creamy, foaming, and normal (non-soap, pH-balanced cleanser). Opt for normal cleanser once the weather warms up, unless your skin is especially oily, in which case a foaming cleanser can help remove extra oils.

3.Exfoliate more: Just like you clean up your winter wardrobe, clean up your winter skin. Bring out its brightness by exfoliating a little more in the spring. In the winter, when your skin is drier and more sensitive (thanks to winter winds, and indoor heat) it’s best to exfoliate only once a week.  Most skin types can increase exfoliation to twice a week. If you notice dryness, redness, or sensitivity, decrease how often you exfoliate.

4.Trade your cream for lotion: Moisturizer is crucial to any skin-care routine, but using heavy creams in the spring can actually cause annoying breakouts. In the spring, switch from heavy moisturizers and oil-based products to lighter formulations, like a hydrating serum.

5. A fun way to protect your skin: Go shopping, try to find some nice fun hats and get in the habit of wearing one outside. Look for a broad-rimmed hat, which protects the face and scalp from sun damage better than, say, a baseball cap.


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